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This course covers the recent advancements in innovative methods for handling critical and special structures and erection of heavy equipment. The engineering principles and their practical applications in lifting systems are explained with case studies. This course is devised to share the experiences of the industry experts with learners on the concepts used in heavy lifting and machineries. The course will give learners an understanding of how to develop a lift plan, including the selection of suitable methods, machineries and lifting gears.


  • Introduce the learners to the basic engineering concepts used in heavy lifting
  • To gain an exposure to the various types of machinery and techniques used in the industry
  • To develop a lift plan including the selection of suitable methods, machineries and lifting gears

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Key Highlights

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Application of mechanics

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Lifting gears and accessories

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Basic elements of lifting machines

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Preparation of lift plans

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Load handling machines

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Specialized lifting machines and applications

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Cloud migration needs and process

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Equipment for horizontal and vertical movement Design of handling provisions

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Basic design of load bearing structures

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Non-conventional lifting methodologies

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Rigging safety

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Learning Format



14 weeks

Certified by

IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation
Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) of IIT Madras and
L&T EduTech

Program Fee

Rs. 5300/- inclusive of Tax


Program Description

Program Brochure

Education Qualification

•    Students pursuing Diploma / UG / PG Programs in civil, mechanical and other allied domains
•    Faculties in the field of civil, mechanical and other allied domains
•    Working professionals in the above domains

Suggested Prerequisites

Strength of Materials

Engineering Mechanics

Basic Fluid Mechanics

Teaching Hours

28 hours

Lead Faculty

Mr. V. Kasi raja, Head – Plant & Machinery, Special Projects & Construction Methods 28 years of experience in L & T construction in
•    Handling plant & machinery,
•    Dealing with heavy, critical lifts and
•    Design and execution of innovative, cost-effective, and safe construction methods Currently leading a highly skilled and energetic team of engineers and have played an important role in various projects involving heavy erection, including the world’s tallest statue of unity, Gujarat.

Learning Schedule

Evolution of heavy lifts, Examples of heavy lifting in various industries, Application of engineering mechanics in heavy lifting, Machinery for heavy lifting, Mechanical advantage of lifting and shifting, Applications of reeving, Lever principle and calculation of forces on load handling elements.

Application of shackles, wire rope slings and lifting beams, Right use of shackle and Limitation of pre-engineered product, lifting gear, Calculate of forces on wire rope sling and sling capacity. Applications of Wire Ropes Spreader/Lifting Beam, Basic Elements of Lifting Machines, Various lifting and shifting machines & components, their classification, terminologies, application, and right usage during execution.
Classification and components of tower cranes, Load charts, safety and stability of tower cranes.
Case studies

Hydraulic systems and basic components, types of jacks and applications, principles and control systems. Application of Strand jacks in heavy lifts. Transportation of Over Dimensional Cargos (ODC) and Over Weight Cargos (OWC), trailer configuration based on the size & load of the consignment, the basic principle of friction & Skidding System, Components and its application in project sites, Wheel bogies & its application, Rail and Sea transport & lashing.

Design Basis of Handling Provisions, Design procedure for bolted type, welded case, link plates and trunnions. Parameters affecting the Handling Provisions, Design of Lifting lugs- Bolted, welded case, link plates and trunnions
Design of Load Bearing Structures and Enabling Structures, Stress limitation with respect to yield
stress of steel structure, standard design procedure for Girders and Lifting beams. multilevel of spreader beam and Grillage.

Pre-cast construction with Case studies, Push Launching and float over installation with method, Hydraulic Lifting Gantries and their applications. Hydraulic Lifting Gantries, Safety Requirements for Crane and lifting operations, load test procedures and inspection check list, Importance of PPEs and signals used for crane operation, Safe methods to avoid Crane accidents

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