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This is a unique course covering all major Sustainable building design aspects with orientation towards industry and standard practices. The energy efficient building designs, heat transfer mechanism, envelope optimization, energy simulation models, ECBC Code provisions are the key topics. In the context of advanced comfort systems for building occupancy, the learners are enlightened with concepts of thermal and visual comforts, acoustics design and indoor air quality. The course elevates the learners practical experience on energy efficiency, water efficiency and waste management for a sustainable building design and developments. The concepts on building life cycle assessment, green project management and Green rating and Certifications by IGBC/GRIHA are explained with industrial case studies and standard protocols. During the course, the instructional model is designed to ensure that the learner has opportunities to explore industry-based project statements and gain practical experience to field challenges.


  • To facilitate learners to understand sustainable building designs and its parameters such as energy and water efficiency, Comfort in buildings, and waste management.
  • To expose the learners to shading systems, thermal and visual comfort.
  • To impart fundamental knowledge on Life cycle assessment and Green ratings and certifications.

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Key Highlights

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Climatology, Heat gain through building elements

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Comfort in building (Thermal, visual and Acoustics)

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Energy management system

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Building Life Cycle Assessment

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Stages in green project management

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Green building rating system

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Web tools - Solar rooftop calculator and ECONIWAS

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Learning Format



14 weeks

Certified by

IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation
Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) of IIT Madras and
L&T EduTech

Program Fee

Rs. 5300/- inclusive of Tax


Program Description

Program Brochure

Education Qualification

•    Students pursuing Diploma / UG / PG Programs in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and other allied domains
•    Faculties in the field of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and other allied domains
•    Working professionals in the above domains

Suggested Prerequisites


Teaching Hours

28 hours

Lead Faculty

Dr S. Rajkumar, Head – Center of Excellence and Futuristic Department, L&T Construction

An Energy Engineer by profession, he has his Master in Energy Technology from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy and his passion for thermal comfort in buildings made him pursue a Ph. D from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi.
Dr S. Rajkumar has been working in the field of energy-efficient buildings, energy audits, Energy optimization and system optimization of a building and thermal comfort analysis of AC and non- A/C buildings for the last 20 years. He is also actively involved in energy analysis of low-energy space conditioning strategies for buildings. He is proficient in using building simulation and analysis tools like Design builder, Trnsys17, Energyplus, LBNL Windows, LCA, RETScreen etc.
Previously he has worked with The Energy Research Institute (TERI) as a Research Scientist, he was involved in various energy consultancy for landmark projects. He has performed numerous parametric analyses for optimizing the performance of the buildings.

Learning Schedule

Overview of Sustainability and Green buildings, Selection of site – preservation and planning, Influence of climate on buildings, Basics of climatology, Earth – Sun relationship, Solar angles and sun path diagram, Design of shading systems. Basics of Thermodynamics, Convection/radiation heat transfer, Heat gain through various elements of a building.

Thermal comfort – Psychrometry and its applications, Thermal comfort models and case studies Acoustics – Building acoustics, measures, defects and prevention of sound transmission
Indoor Air Quality – Effects, design consideration and integrated approach for IAQ management
Visual comfort – Enhancement strategies for Daylighting and Artificial lighting.

Energy efficiency – Energy efficiency in building envelope, energy simulation, Energy management system – lighting and renewable energy and Energy Audit.
Water Efficiency – Planning and design of water management system, Rain water harvesting, Water efficient design and fixtures, Treatment and reuse and Water efficient landscape system.
Waste management – Types of waste and its treatment methods, Construction and demolition waste management, Waste management in residential, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities.
Materials – Green product certifications, Features of sustainable building materials and sustainable

Life cycle assessment and its types – Modelling and Analysis, Greenhouse gas emission. Different phases of Green building project management.

Green building rating systems- LEED, BREEAM and others, Indian Green building rating systems –
IGBC & GRIHA, IGBC criteria for certification.

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