Program Description

This course takes a holistic view of Cyber Physical Systems, with a focus on various computational features for engineering disciplines such as complex communications, control and information fusion for Industrial Application. The course also aims to provide adequate practical exposure to hardware and software co-design in the development of Cyber Physical Systems for industries.


  • Explain the basic concepts of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and its components, such as sensors, actuators, processors, communication devices.
  • Develop prototypes for applications in embedded system using Software platforms such as IAR embedded.
  • Workbench, STM32Cube Integrated Development Environment, Arduino IDE, Thonny IDE.
  • Illustrate CPS application in Engineering fields such as Biomedical Engineering, Smart Civil Engineering, Smart Cities, Mechatronics, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Robotics.

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Key Highlights

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Program Arm Processor STM32F103 in C language using STM Cube IDE Software Development Environment

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Gain skills for interfacing ARM processor STM32F103 with sensors like Ultrasonic sensor, Hall effect sensor, Tilt Sensor ,actuators like servo Motors and displays like OLED and LCD Displays

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Program Raspberry Pi Pico using the Micropython -language using Thonny IDE Software Development Environment

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Develop simple embedded system prototypes using Raspberry Pi Pico to interface with sensors ,OLED and LCD displays ,motors.

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Develop programs for Ardiuno nano (ATmega328) using Audrino IDE to control DC servo motor, DC motors used for Robotics and Electric vehicle Applications

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Design and Development of 5 Degree Freedom Robotic ARM for Industrial Automation including Matlab simulation

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Detailed illustration with simple examples of CPS application in Engineering fields such as Biomedical Engineering, Smart Civil Engineering, Smart Cities, Mechatronics, Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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Around sixty demonstration examples highlighting CPS applications from embedded perspective.

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Learning Format



14 weeks

Certified by

IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation
Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) of IIT Madras and
L&T EduTech

Program Fee

Rs.5300/- inclusive of Tax


Program Description

Program Brochure

Education Qualification

•    Students pursuing Diploma / UG / PG Programs in Electrical & Electronics and other allied domains
•    Faculties in the field of Electrical & Electronics and other allied domains
•    Working professionals in the above domains

Suggested Prerequisites

Basics of Electronics

Teaching Hours

28 hours

Lead Faculty

Dr. Rangarajan P, Subject Matter Expert – L&T EduTech

Dr Rangarajan P holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering specializing in VLSI & Signal Processing from Anna University, obtained in 2004. He also has a master’s degree in Power Electronics from the same university, earned in 1996, and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Bharathiar University, completed in 1990. With a total working experience of 30 years, have published seventy papers in international journals, secured four patents, and guided eighteen Ph.D. scholars. He has executed projects worth over 1.5 crores funded by AICTE and DST. In 2014, he has honoured with the CTS Best Faculty award.

Learning Schedule

Introduction to Cyber physical Systems :Cyber physical Systems faces of Engineering, evolution of Processors , Making Processor Chips from Sand, Structural Units in Embedded Processor and Memory Systems, Sensors and Actuators in Cyber Physical Systems, Serial Communication Protocols, Wireless Communications, Cyber Security, Cloud-Edge Computing Framework for Cyber Physical Systems. BareMetal C coding for ARM Cortex Processor: Introduction to Architecture and peripherals of ARM Cortex Processor, Getting started with IAR Embedded Workbench. BareMetal C coding for Interfacing ARM Cortex Processor with Relay, Buzzer, UART driver development , UART and ADC interface
,Interfacing 16x2 LCD Matrix Key and Led, Stepper Motor

Introduction to STM32F103 Architecture of ARM Cortex Processor, Getting Started with STM32 Cube IDE with on board LED Blinking, Interfacing STM32F103F with OLED display , Humidity & Temperature Sensor , Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, Hall effect sensor, Sound Sensor , Current Sensor
,Voltage sensor , Soil Moisture Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Touch sensor Using Embedded C, Raspberry Pi Pico: Introduction To Raspberry Pi Pico, Getting started with Thonny IDE and Installing Micro Python for Pico , Blinking on board LED of for Pico Board using Micropython programming, Interfacing External LED Through Push Button With GPIO Ports Of Pico, Simple Traffic Light Control System With Pico, Interfacing PIR Sensor, 16x2 LCD Display using I2C Protocol, Interfacing ADC with Pico and displaying in OLED, Interfacing Ultrasonic Distance Sensor and displaying in OLED ,
Simple Weather Monitoring System, Interfacing 8x32 Dot Matrix LED using SPI Protocol with Raspberry Pi Pico, Interfacing Blue Tooth with Pico and Controlling Relay using Micropython programming

Consumer Industry: Applications of CPS from embedded perspective for Domestic Refrigeration Appliances, washing machines, Smart Petrol Filling Station , Weigh-In-Motion systems , Coffee machine, Smart induction cooktop, microwave oven, Vacuum cleaner, Smart Watch, Smart speakers, Smart homes. Demo of simple smart home automation with CPS Components using embedded C. Smart Civil Structures: Necessity of smart civil structures, Sensors and sensory systems, Control devices and control systems for smart civil structures, Data processing systems for structural health monitoring and vibration control, Power supply and energy harvesting for smart civil structures.
Smart Cities: CPS applications in Smart Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Smart Waste Management System, Smart Detection system of Underground Utilities, Smart Parking system, Smart Metering for Gas ,water, Smart Energy Metering, smart Wireless Occupancy and Camera Surveillance

Automotive Mechatronics: Basics of Mechatronics and Vehicle System Architecture, Electronics Control Unit, Automotive Networking and Bus System, Automotive Sensors and Measuring Principles, Electronic Transmission Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Fuel Injection Control System, Electronic Power Steering and Drive adjustment Systems, Electronic Heating , Ventilation and air conditioning Control (EHVAC), Automotive Radar for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Healthcare Applications: CPS applications in Electronic Stethoscope and Heart Rate Monitor, Digital thermometer, Blood pressure monitor meters, Blood glucose meters, Ultrasound imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) medical imaging technology, Endomicroscopy and EEG monitoring. Demonstration of Remote Heart Rate Monitoring using Audrino Nano

CPS applications in 48-V Electrification Belt-Driven Starter Generator Systems in vehicles, EV Traction Motor Power Inverter Control, Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)/EV On-Board Charger (OBC), HEV/EV wireless charging,
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)/ Brushless DC (BLDC) industrial Motor Control, Switched Reluctance Motor Control, Universal Motor Control, Single Phase AC Motor Control, Demo of interfacing four DC motors of mini electric car with Audrino Nano
Robotics: Introduction to pneumatics and hydraulics system for robotics application, Controlling solenoid valves using microcontroller for pneumatics and hydraulics, 5DOF robotics and description and mechanical design using Hartenberg Principle, 5DOF robotics arm cyber system as cps components designing using simulink, Introduction to Ardiuno nano, getting started with Ardiuno IDE with led on board blinking, Interfacing servo motor using Arduino nano, Controlling servo motor with potentio meter using Arduino nano Controlling 5 servo motor with PCA9685 using Arduino nano, 5DOF robotics arm assembly and testing

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